Quinton Bobbitt – Full Circle (Multi Kit)


FULL CIRCLE ®️ is a MULTI KIT created to give each and every producer the easiest and quickest options to create an entire beat from COMPLETE scratch. …

Ediba Deville – Lavada (R&B Multi Kit)


“Lavada” is a R&B multi kit created by Ediba Deville that is designed to take your R&B beats to the next level. …

Steven Shaeffer – Psychadelia (Sample Library)


The Psychedelia sample collection contains 20 unique compositions made by Steven Shaeffer. These samples were made with analog and digital instruments, along …


Quinton Bobbitt – Arcane (Loop Kit)

$40.00 $30.00

20.WAV File Loops labeled with the BPM speed up your workflow & help you land more placements effortlessly. Each Loop can be …

Plzzdelete – Serotonin Vol.1 (Preset Library)


Serotonin Vol.1 is the first installment of Ableton live effect racks made custom by @Heyplzzdelete.  This pack is filled with over 30+ …


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