Simbo – Uncle Drip Vol. 3 (Midi Kit)


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With his third installment from the UNCLE DRIP Series, Simbo has blessed you with 40 Chord Progression/ Melody midis. Having a Hard time making a loop?

UNCLE DRIP “Midi Kit” helps you overcome beat block with just a drag and drop making your workflow faster, saving you time, and makes it easy to start a loop

You don’t need hours learning music theory, you don’t need an expensive teacher, and you don’t need to spend hours on end Making the “perfect” Chord Progression. It’s right here.

Simbo gives us open access to what 1000s of hours spent practicing music theory to give you… UNCLE DRIP “Midi Kit”.

This midi comes with:

+ 9 Darks

+ 12 Hip Hop

+ 11 Pop

+ 5 RnB

+ 3 Virtual


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