Minta Foundry - Flutes Pack Vol.2 (One Shot Kit) One Shots Minta Foundry

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Minta Foundry - Flutes Pack Vol.2 (One Shot Kit)

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Al Hug Flutes Pack – Volume 2 is a collection of 55 flute chops, 20 flute loops and 22 long one shots. Use the chops to spice up your melodies, the loops as starting points for your beats and the long one shot notes to build your own sampler instruments. \n \nAll sounds were recorded with real instruments: Western classical flute, piccolo flute indian bamboo flute & argentinian stone flute. \n \nEverything performed by Al Hug and captured with vintage ribbon and tube mics. \n \nThe recordings included in this pack are a collection of original compositions and master recordings created by Alessandro Hug aka Al Hug. \n \nAudio Sample:

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