Minta Foundry - One Shots Pack Vol. 2 (One Shot Kit)

Minta Foundry

Minta Foundry - One Shots Pack Vol. 2 (One Shot Kit)

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Minta Foundry presents another collection of unique One Shots, recorded and produced by Al Hug. All sounds were performed with instruments from Al's personal collection, recorded with vintage microphones, tape machines and processed with analog delays, distortions and real chamber and spring reverbs. All the sounds in this library are original and unique.

Recorded with real instruments only: Vibes, Steel Drums, Acoustic& Electric Guitar, Double Bass, Höfner Electric Bass, Lyra, Mandoline, Balalaika, Zither, Analog Synth, Flutes, Vocals, SFX.

This pack is part of the Minta Foundry LIMITED collection and only 200 copies are available.

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