Bwb - The Wave Kit Vol. 1 (Drum Kit) Drum Kits Big White Beatz

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Bwb - The Wave Kit Vol. 1 (Drum Kit)

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Over 300+ High Quality Sounds From BWB The Drumkit Legend. Many genius deconstructed videos starring big producers such as (Supah Mario, Boi1da, Vinylz, & More) use his drum kits because he’s a trusted sound designer in the music industry and has been for years. \n \n25 808s \n15 Claps \n23 Crashes \n36 Extras \n25 Kicks \n30 Hihats \n20 Open Hats \n15 Hihat Rolls \n40 Percs \n15 Snaps \n55 Snares \n45 Voxs

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