Dude Clayy - Talon (EffectRack Presets)

Dude Clayy

Dude Clayy - Talon (EffectRack Presets)

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30 new presets to emulate that vintage and nostalgic style
10 new textures and 10 samples labeled with key and BPM

Dude Clayy Returns with new vintage / nostalgic sounding presets.
This 30 piece bank includes pitching, delay, clipping, distortion, reverb, flanger and more.
Plus 10 new textures to set the mood and 10 samples labeled with key and BPM, alll ready to flip.

This library will emulates a particular mood, dark, wavy, motion and feels. Easy to use, just drop and click.

Must have EffectRack latest version.


IG/Twitter: @dudeclayy

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