Noah Cuz - TONESHIFT! (Thermal Bank)

Noah Cuz

Noah Cuz - TONESHIFT! (Thermal Bank)

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TONESHIFT! is a collection of 30 tonal altering presets for Output Thermal, a popular plugin for adding warmth, saturation, and distortion to audio signals. Designed by Noah Cuz, these presets are aimed at providing users with a diverse range of options for adding creative character and vintage vibes to their melodies.


The presets in TONESHIFT! have been meticulously crafted by Noah, who has paid close attention to the signal flow and emulating analog processing to create a set of presets that can add unique textures and tonal character to your sounds. Whether you are looking to add subtle warmth or gritty distortion, these presets can help you achieve the desired effect.


In addition to the presets, TONESHIFT! also includes 15 one-shots, 5 bonus samples, and some bonus starters to help users easily get started creating with the kit. These additional resources can be used to further explore the presets or to create entirely new sounds from scratch.


TONESHIFT! is a powerful collection of tonal altering presets and tools that can help producers, musicians, and sound designers add depth and character to their audio signals, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their sound.

TONESHIFT! also contains 15 one shots, 5 bonus samples, and some bonus starters to easily start creating with the kit.

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