PlzzDelete - Bloom (Sample Library)


PlzzDelete - Bloom (Sample Library)

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@Heyplzzdelete “Bloom Sample Library” is the third sample library by Plzzdelete with tons of genre-bending loops.

The Bloom Sample Library is filled with over 25+ loops that are refreshing and new to everyone’s ears. In styles that are meant to shape and change the sound of the music, we are familiar with.

All loops have been processed with:

“WA76 FET Compressor”

“Neve Genesys Console”

“Warm Audio WA-2A Compressor”

“Meris Polymoon Super Delay Pedal”

“Zoom MultiStomp Chorus And Delay Pedal”

“API 5550 2-Channel EQ”

“T-racks Suite”

“Ghz Bundle”

“Waves Suite”

“Boss MD-200”

“And many more VST’s”

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