Simbo - Uncle Drip (Multi Kit)


Simbo - Uncle Drip (Multi Kit)

Sale price$60.00

THE UNCLE DRIP COLLECTION IS FINALLY HERE! All the tools that will improve your production with Loops, Drums, Midis, and preset so you don’t have to worry about getting a beat block.

With a total of 200+, the pack includes drum loops, vocal preset, drum midis, and more giving you the best sounds you need to make crazy samples for a great price of $77

In the Collection, you get the Loop kit with 45 samples used by Grammy Nominated/Award Producers.

The Drum kit with 136 “Drum” .WAV Files and 40 “Midi” Files that can be dragged and dropped give you a harder and cleaner sound

The Midi Kit helping you overcome beat block with just a drag and drop making your workflow faster, saving you time, and makes it easy to start a loop

And The Preset Kit turning your bland sound into an ambient, atmospheric, experimental sound.

Drag & Drop Into Any Project