50 presets.

bridle ~ ambient key

chaos ~ bass

denim ~ lead

flashback ~ pad

past ~ synth key

prometheus ~ pad

slaughter ~ bass

soaring ~ arp

Steven Shaeffer & Kiri Gerbs - Euphoria (Analog Lab Bank)

Steven & Kiri

Steven Shaeffer & Kiri Gerbs - Euphoria (Analog Lab Bank)

Sale price$40.00

This analog lab stash contains 50 presets intricately designed and tested in sessions by Kiri Gerbs and Steven Shaeffer. These presets were created to find a balance between experimental and usable sounds, the final product being unique reliable sounds that you could trust in any session. The sounds are perfect for use across many genres including RnB, Pop, Hip-hop, Trap and many more.

This Pack includes: 

20 x Keys

8 x Pads

7 x Basses

5 x Leads

4 x Plucks

3 x Bells

1 x Synth Choirs

1 x Arps

1 x Strings

Drag & Drop Into Any Project